Poems and Quill Pens

Lovina took a swig of wine from the bottle. She had been drinking lately, maybe a little more than was healthy, but she didn’t care. With a groan she laboriously rose to her feet and into the bathroom to throw up. When she did, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Her face was pale as paper, and the dark circles under her eyes stood out like a raccoon’s. Her waist length hair was knotted and messy, and her characteristic headband was nowhere to be found.

"The fuck is wrong with me." she said to her reflection not expecting a response. With another groan she headed back to her bed, where she curled up into a ball and wished for sleep.

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    The wolf doggie paddled in circles as that wasall he could do. He could feel the chilled water as it seeped through his...
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    Lovina flushed, and pulled her shirt off, and ran in after him, cannon balling off the small incline in the hill to...